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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Press Conference

Yesterday the world's media gathered at base camp in Siula Grand in Peru and got their chance to interview the people from Touching the Void and delve deeper into their characters. At 9:45 am Joe Simpson, Simon Yates and Richard Hawking came into the press room and answered the questions from journalists representing newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. This was a chance to ask the more pressing questions that the people who had heard this amazing story wanted to know. Richard explained how he spent his days at base camp, how he felt when Joe and Simon were on the mountain and his reactions to hearing the news about Joe being presumed dead. Simon hestitantly described how he came to the decision to cut the rope and how the moment still tortured him. Joe was able to speak about how desperate the situation he found himself was and how he was convinced he was going to die. All of the characters spoke of their relief of being reunited again at the bottom of Siula Grande.

After the interview, the three men were then taken to hospital where they would undergo further tests and Joe can begin his long road to recovery.


kayinat said...

this was fun.

Zak said...

I think that I was great as Joe.

Shazmeen said...

You did a very good Zakariya,as you were Joe!

Safa K said...

I had a great time!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we get to do more exciting projects!

Forest fields is always creative and imaginative, its why i love it!