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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Monday, 14 February 2011

Tigers by Raveena

Tigers are the largest breed of wild cat in the world.They are commonly found in the jungles of Asia. As a result, this wild beast is becoming more and more endangered.
Adult tigers like to live alone (except for mothers with cubs).This is partly because in the forest a single tiger can surprise its prey better than a group of tigers together.This lazy beast likes to relax most of the time in the Asia jungle. The rest of them like to hunt for some food. These carnivores also like to explore for some clean water. It has a deep, orange, fur with white undersides.
The size of the magnificent hunters territory depends on the amount of food available. This animal can eat as much as 25kgs at 1 time. As a consequence they measure around 2m long.This dreadful creature has striped fur.

Tigers live in the A jungle they love to eat wild pigs. These graceful beasts leave scratch marks on trees. This wild animal can eat as much as 25kgs of meat at 1 time.

Tigers favourite food is wild pig and plenty of water each day. This wild creature likes to chase other animals.


Adan said...

Raveena your Tigers work is so so good.

lujain said...

I am shocked well done Rav-bag, Raveena :-)

Farzana said...

well done Raveena
excite one goin

Alina said...

OMG I am so shocked
good girl Rav-bag

Fiazah said...

Wow Raveena your wrighting is great you realy are a bright person! And your an F.A.B friend

Shazmeen said...

Nyc work Raveena:)

Saima said...

wow Raveena you have did some great work here. This is outstanding. You are becoming a fantastic writer!!!

Shazmeen said...

As you try ,im sure you will get better and better .You might even become a level 5.

raveena said...

thank u every1