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Hello and welcome to our new blog. We are Year 6 children who attend Forest Fields Primary School in Nottingham.

Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Monday, 23 May 2011


Listen to the following song '100 years' by Five For Fighting.


and look at this amazing site with photographs taken of different people aged 0 to 101

Men: http://www.onehundredone.dk/men.html

Women: http://www.onehundredone.dk/women.html

What do you want your legacy to be?

Think about your time at Forest Fields Primary School. How will you be remembered? What were your happiest times and why? What has been your favourite achievement?

If you were to draw your timeline from 0 years to 100 years what would be the main ambitions and goals that you would like to achieve? Why are these important to you?


Kayinat said...

The pictures are really Good. :)

Fiazah said...

I know that legacy will be a great sucsess

Shazmeen said...

Overall it is a great topic. I'm sure legacy will be a tremendous success...

Ghounsia said...

last time when i did the spanish pen friend i got to talk to spanish kids they had to talk in english we had to talk in spanish so it was the total opisite.