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Class 6POB
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Friday, 2 September 2011

Eid Mubarak

It must be getting very close to you all starting Secondary School. I hope you have had an amazing summer and have lots of stories to tell. I also hope you are all feeling nice and relaxed and ready to start the new term in a really positive way. Remember first impressions count - so make them great ones!

Well, I am here in sunny Singapore and it's a very nice place to live. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and I'm enjoying it (although I do miss my amazing class of 2011). Our school day starts very early - the children arrive at half past 7 and the school day starts at 7:50. Lunchtime is at 11:30, which takes a little getting used to. Our school day ends at 2:50 but almost all the children go to an after school club. So far I have helped out with the golf club and I coached some football today - it was very hot!

My new class are fun - they like football and there are lots of Arsenal fans (in fact Arsenal have a Soccer School based at my new school, which is exciting to see lots of coaches in official kit). Today, we did a bit of 'Let me see your bungalow' as I told them my old class used to like this game - it made all the other classes in the year group look at us like we were very odd.

Here's to a happy end of summer.

Missing you all lots and thank you, thank you, thank you very much for all of your comments - it's been lovely to hear from you.


Zak repost your blog address as I can't access it


Kayinat said...

Hello Mr OB,
My significant teacher is as tall as you :D

Zak said...

check out both

Fiazah said...

wow sir thats gonna be a rotuine u have to get use to! me and Kayinat have started djonagly its fantastic! have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

hows everyone hope u have a fun time at ur secondary schools and hope u mr o'brien have a fun time in singapore


Alina Ali

alvena said...

hi everyone i've just started nottingham girls academy its awsome made loads of new friends. me,sara,nafeesa and zelekah are in the same form

hope ur all havin fun
thanks mr o'brian

Patrycja Grabowska said...

Hello Mstr O'Brian. I hope that you have good time in your new school and you had a fantastic holiday.

Kayinat said...

Hi sir,
Hope you're having a good time :P

Kayinat said...

We went to a trip today where we did archery and rock climbing, it was really fun! :)))))

Abbas said...

hello mr obrien how are you doing in singapore you must be boiling there whats your school blog could you put it on this blog please.

Abdikarin said...

hi mr o'brien how are you doing am going on a holday to duby.

saman said...

my new year 6 teacher is gud

Ezzety said...
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