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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Happy New Year and Gong XI Fa Cai

Hello from Singapore,
I hope you are all well and had a great Christmas holiday. I was back in the UK and visited Forest Fields - it was so nice to see all the children and teachers, it is a really special place. It was odd not seeing any of the Year 6 from last year but it's always nice to come onto the blog and see how you are getting on. I always enjoy reading your comments and seeing what you are up to. Let me know what you are learning about and the subjects you enjoy.

There have been huge Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend (Gong Xi Fa Cai) I was actually in Malaysia but unfortunately I didn't see Ezzety, maybe next time.

It sounds like you are all having the best time in your new schools, you're half way there to becoming big year 8s. I was talking to another teacher the other day about the awesome Year 6s I had the pleasure of teaching last year and the amazing end of year performance you did. Great memories.

Be good,

Mr O'B


Anis said...

if u ever see a person keep on coming from bradford it's me Anis Mohammed,

safa k hg said...

hi sir thats great did you have fun?

from safa

Farzana said...

just to yell you please put my comment up there at in my class we are leaning chines

Shazmeen said...

Ahhhw Sir Y Didn't You Write It On The Blog. No 1 Told Me Or Otherwise I Would Have Came And Mett You. Im Going To Regret All My Life....

Adan said...


Alina Munir said...

Hi sir you must of had a very nice time

Sara said...

Hi sir, i bet you had a great time.
I am missing you!
In my new school we are learning lots of subjects for example in languages i am learning french, spanish and latin.
Keep in touch.

farzana said...

the best bit of djanogly city academy it that the whole school leaves at 2.10 and the best bit of primary school is that you was the funniest I wish you put more picture on the blog. In my dream you came to djanogly city academy and teacher my class and 1 day it will
and if you are going to be there everyone will love you because you are the best teacher in the whole world and you are save I am saying applying for djanoglycity academy there are lots of forest field student there and just to tell you that aihan has left djanoglycity academy and he has got fb
by farzan

Marya said...

sir i miss you so much!!

Sara said...

hi sir, guess what?
I have a baby brother, now i am not an only child anymore. i am missing you very much and i also heard that you're teaching in Bluecoat, is that true or not.

Fiazaah and Aqeela said...

hello sara how are u today and ur ickle brother do u go manning or blue coat do miss u any one for example any one who went to blue coat. from me and aqeela

sadiq said...

Hi sir

Sara said...

Hi Fiazah and Aqeela, I am fine and so is my brother, how are you? I go to Nottingham Girls Academy and yes I do miss someone at bluecoat.