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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Jamal, Samirah, Alvena, Raheem and Sadiq

5 years after the Battle for Pandora Jake is a settled member of the Na'vi. The Na'vi have created a new Home Tree and the tribe is happy unaware of the trouble brewing on the other side of Pandora, a darker world with scarier creatures and an evil red Na'vi. The evil red Na'vi are waiting for a time when they can take control of Pandora.

The red Na'vi are able to bond with creatures and alter their soul making them bad. They begin to bond with more and more creatures and plants.Neytiri senses trouble and explores.

Neytiri finds out the red Na'vi's secrets and is captured before she can warn the others. She is kept hostage and they make her evil by bonding with her. Jake finds a washed up bracelet in the water and thinks that Neytiri has died as he is unable to sense her soul (because now she is evil). He goes for revenge. The Blue na'vi and the Red na'vi have a war . Jake just sits there and dosen't eat and drink. He remember's that he is linked to lord Banshee, the Leonopteryx, and goes to the gloomy part of Pandora. He sees Neytiri with the leader of the red Na'vi. He goes to her and she doesn't recognise him. Then Jake sees her eyes and are a different colour. He fights with the chief and Neytiri and manages to break the link between the Red Na'vi's and Neytiri.

The red Na'vi realise they are defeated and retreat back to the dark side of Pandora.

Teaser of Avatar 3: The Sky People return with Colonel Quarritch's brother ready to take revenge and teaming up with the red Na'vi destroy the blue Na'vi


Jamal said...

This is a really good pitch.

Anonymous said...

This is a sick film!

Kayinat said...

That is a really good story...I hope it is a success.

Ezzety said...

Peachfully,the hallaluya mountain float across the queit land. while jake was whachting the bansheeflew as fast as a rocket. jake was relaxing.

safa said...

The banshee suntered acorss the beutiful maical mountain floting in the dark sky slowly mist covers the magical mountain