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Class 6POB
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Monday, 1 November 2010

Carl Alvey

Today Carl came in to talk to the children about his job as an Expedition Guide. He has travelled all over the world leading teams of people to fulfil their ambitions of reaching spectacular destinations. Carl has recently led teams to Mount Kilimanjaro, making 5 accents in one month and is about to take a team of teachers to the South Pole. He told us about his trip in May this year where he used wind power to travel across Greenland using a kite. At times it seemed to be a lot of fun but due to the effect of Global Warming the trip was very scary. The conditions were so bad due to the extent of unexpected melted ice that Carl and his team were unable to travel safely off the ice cap and had to be helicopter rescued. As Carl was only back in the UK for such a short time before he flies to Antarctica tomorrow we know we are very lucky to have had him spend the morning with us.

More information about his time in Greenland can be found at

Thank you Carl for a really interesting morning.


Kayinat said...

It was very intresting and some parts were funny. I learned some fascinating facts. It was very kind of Carl to come and talk to us.

Shazmeen said...

We really enjoyed the morning when Carl was talking to us about mountain and skis .It was very fun as he started to talk about his adventerous adventure !

Adam said...

Carl was very interesting he told us about how to use the kite and skies to travell across greenland.

umar said...

carl came to forest fields and taught us about when he climbed the mountain. i thought he was brave.

Adam said...

When I was a photographer I was happy and greatful when alvena gave me a bonus.