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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Data Blogging

Our Class Blog has been an excellent place for us to display our Topic and Literacy work but it also provides a great opportunity to do some marvellous maths work.

Below you will see some data taken from our blog.

Number of visitors during the last 4 weeks

(click on the image to enlarge)

Number of visitors since our blog began

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Monthly Overview of Visitors

August - 3
September - 772
October - 993
November - 1,315
December - 1,367
January - 1,424
February - 977
March - 614

What statements can you make using this data? Write a comment to share your answers.


zak said...

the blog had the most visitors in January- 1424, so we must have done loads of stuff at that time!

Fiazah said...


Shazmeen said...

The difference between February and March is 363.Another statement,the difference between the biggest and smallest(range)is 1427.If you total up all the numbers,you will receive an answer of 4180.

Shazmeen said...

The difference between March(614 and February(977) is 363.
Another statment is,if you see the difference between the biggest and the smallest(range)you will get 1427.

Shazmeen (6POB) said...

The difference between december and September is 595.

Jamal said...

The mean is 933 so we must have a really good blog!

Sara-6POB said...

The difference between November and December is 52.

Kayinat said...

The difference between february and March is 363!

lujain said...

the diffrence between December which is 1367 and November which is 1315 is 52

lujain said...

the diffrence of january and febuary is 447

Aftab said...

The average of september is 26

Aqeela said...

I say that the average of october
is 32 i/we worked it out by dividing 993 by how many days there are in october

eesa said...

I love this bolg because our
great teacher mr O'brien has put lots of interesting things for to go on..

aFTAB said...


Adan (6POB) said...

The difference between December and February is 340.

Alina in 6POB said...

The difference between November and
March is 701

Taiba Ali said...

i can't believe how good tyhe school's doing uit just makes want to go crazy anyway its better than what it was before, all thanks to... MR O'BRIEN

best weishes Taiba

Fiazah said...

Me and Aqeela were both partners in the computer room a long time ago i helped her!!!!!!!!!!!!!