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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Text Types




Use these websites to help you write the features of the text type you have been given to write about.


Shazmeen said...

I went on the priamary recources website and found lot of inform ation.

Kayinat said...

These webs are really good and they give us so much information that we can't fit them in our heads!

lujain said...

i think that writingfun waly intresting 4 me and my family

Adan said...

When sir said too me,do autobiography and biography,istarted to shake,due too fair.Now,anyway we have such a good website,we are bouynd too feel proud of what we have done.

Jamal said...

These are extremely good websites to go on.

Niqash said...

These are very good text types website.

taiba ali said said...

taiba said
Mr o' Brien i miss primary school so much and can't forget our year 6 graduation everyone started crying

any way the website is really cool now
good luck
by taiba ali
(used to come there now in year 7)

monica said...

dose anyone go on this website anymore some one at djangoly told me to go on it,i even told my teacher miss britton to come on