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Hello and welcome to our new blog. We are Year 6 children who attend Forest Fields Primary School in Nottingham.

Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Evening Post

On Monday 18th October we had a very interesting visit from Bryan Henesey, a reporter from The Evening Post, who came in to our class and speak about the newspaper industry. It was really good to hear how newspapers are put together and how a reporter spends his working day. It inspired many of us who enjoy writing articles as we heard how Bryan became a journalist and what he had to learn and study in order to become one. Bryan interviewed the Editors of the Press Teams to find out how they found the role and what the challenges were. Look out for our story coming soon to The Evening Post!!


Anonymous said...


are you there?


Anonymous said...

It was so fun

Fiazah said...

There's me!