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Hello and welcome to our new blog. We are Year 6 children who attend Forest Fields Primary School in Nottingham.

Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Monday, 11 October 2010

Goose Fair

Last week Goose Fair came to town. It's always a very exciting time of year. Here were some of the highlights for the children

"I like the ride which was called 'Stop! Danger!" My parents liked 'Accelerate'. I had some candy floss too." - Hammad

"I enjoyed 'The Booster'. The rest of my family went on the Big Wheel but I decided not to go as it was boring. I ate candy floss." - Zak

"The best ride was 'The Frisbee'. It swings and spins at the same time. I really like the candy floss. The bumper cars were fun because everyone was screaming and I kept on banging into my brother." -Alveena

"I like going early on because it's not crowded. I enjoy going on the rides, I sat on 'Twister' and 'Sizzler'. 'Twister' spins inside and out and all around and 'Sizzler' goes around and around and around and bangs in different ways. I had great fun." - Sara

"I was walking around grumpily, because I had just had a fright on one of the rides, when suddenly I saw Mr O'Brien! I sat on a ride called 'Frisbee' it gave me a stomach churning experience." - Shazmeen

"I think 'Chaos' was the best ride - it spins you around and makes you lean onto the person next to you, luckily it was my sister. I went on the bumper cars with my dad. I also saw Abbas." - Jamal

"First I went on a ride called 'City Hopper' it was a really good ride and I was quite scared. I even cried!! After that I went on 'Magic Mouse' it was like a big roller coaster and it was very scary and I made sure I kept my eyes closed all the way through. This was the best ride I had so much fun on it." -Lujain


Kayinat said...

I sat on Jump and Smile with my cousin Farhan and they thought I was older than him so I had to sit at the outside end. I kept Getting Squashed.

Athif said...

I had so much fun i was about to go on jump and smile but i was to scared so i went on dragano and XlR8 for goose. i loved it.

Rabiah said...

I enjoyed going to goose fair with my cousin Kayinat and we sat on frisbee and Kayinat was really sacred lol.

Safa. K said...

i went on waltsers im NEVER GOING ON there again ! :0

sHAZMEEN said...

SAFA,i love that ride,and beleive it or not,i went on 5 tymz in a row.LOL

Raveena said...

jump and smile is an amzing ride