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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Forest Fields Fortnightly

This week at Forest Fields Fortnightly we have had a busy time reporting on recent events. In our Press Teams, led by the Editors and Sub Editors, we covered the huge story of the Forest Fields Earthquake. Presuming this would be our lead story, we were surprised to come into the office on Wednesday and be absorbed by the extraordinary rescue of the Chilean Miners. As a whole team we watched the amazing events unfold live on BBC news, we researched the history of how the miners came to be trapped in the mine and then conducted interviews with the Miners who came to visit 'Class Hope'. It was a happy story of survival that fitted brilliantly into our topic.

Below is one the brilliant pieces of reporting by Jamal.

Earthquake causes terror at Forest Fields School

Report by Jamal

Yesterday, devestation struck in the heart of Nottingham as Forest Fields Primary School was destroyed by a terrible earthquake.

It was a normal Wednesday morning when suddenly the ground started trembling causing children to fall heavily to the floor.The rumble was like a beast roaring , the cracks that apperaed in the tarmac were like jaws trying to consume its prey.
Aftab(10), a pupil at the school, stated "As i got into the porta cabin it looked like they had been turned upside down, windows were shattered, everything had been thrown everywhere. I was shocked and before I knew it, the book case had landed on me and everything went dark.

Meanwhile outside, it was like demons were on the roof throwing slates trying to hit the children.The chimney had been thrown to the ground causing 50 serious injuries like Irfan's broken arm and Hammad's shattered leg.

Mr O'Brien (29),a class teacher, said "When the earthquake started I knew we had to do somthing so we gathered the children and ran down to the Forest Fields Recreation Ground where we knew nothing could hit us."


Scientist Professer McGregor, who works for the Disaster Research Centre in London, explained how this terrible event happened, "The two tectonic plates collided causing friction which then created energy in the earth that needed to be released. This caused an Earthquake which measured at 4 on the Richter scale."
The aid workers were working at the best of their ability all day to try and restore the school to the way it was, thankfully they could confirm that no one had been killed. Yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, made a brief statement that he will do all he could to help the community of Forest Fields recover from this terrible disaster.
If you would like to donate money to the Forest Fields Earthquake appeal please visit their school website.


Zak said...

This report is great!

Shazmeen said...

Jamal this Report is very intresting , keep it up !...

Raveena said...

This report was really fun. :)

SJA said...

Jamal your the best writer I know, well done and keep it up. I miss everyone from forest fields. Keep in touch jamal.
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