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Hello and welcome to our new blog. We are Year 6 children who attend Forest Fields Primary School in Nottingham.

Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Djanogly Library: Picture Books

Today Miss Warren from Djanogly Library came to visit. We were given a selection of picture books and had to choose which our favourites were. Miss Warren then read us The Whisperer by Nick Butterworth - it was really good. Here is a selection of our favourites

Which picture book did you like and why?


alvena said...

my favorite book was THE GREAT PAPER CAPER bottom left next to penguin

Kayinat said...

My favorite book was THE WHISPERER the one next to alvena's favourite book...

Lilly;) said...

My fav book was the day i swaped my dad for 2 goldfish :)

Fiazah said...

I love the book Betty and the Yetti's snazzy cover great huh!

Anis mohammed said...

My favorite book was beti and yeti it has got an inspiring front cover,and when you read it, it will bring you into it Great Amazing my favorite book by a mile!