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Hello and welcome to our new blog. We are Year 6 children who attend Forest Fields Primary School in Nottingham.

Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Monday, 20 December 2010

Kayinat's Avatar Writing

The evil blood red Na'vi's had made Pandora so vile and abhorrent that if a bird visited, it would die helplessly just gazing at it. It was like a devil had invaded Pandora. Hometree was sleeping on the floor as the savages were on top enjoying its demise. The odour was so foul that even Hometree, lying dead in the fall, could smell it. It was washed out and colourless. All you could see was black and brown. This was because of the devastating disaster that the sky people inflicted, the red Na'vi's, these demons, loved every second of it.


Shazmeen said...

Cool,kit-kat you have good writing!

Fiazah said...

I think Kayinat deserevs to share her writting with the world because, she's a great writer and I hear she want's to be a jornelest!She comes to school with a cute smile wich light's up the WORLD!And i have high hopes for her becomming a jornelest because at school she tell's me weird and wacky NEWS! MERRY CHRISTMAS old buddy!!! by Fiazah

Kayinat said...

Thank you Fiazah.

Fiazah said...

Kayinat your writing is marvellous,Seriosly.

Fiazah said...

In my opinion Avatar was a great and fun topic but Foot prints is our new topic but it is still great don't you think sir.