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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Master Assasin - Prologue

This is a piece of writing by Zak, an extremely talented writer in 6POB. Please read his work and feel free to comment on his extraordinary talent.

All was silent in the Tower of Terror. Only loud footsteps could be heard as a hooded figure pursued another man throughout the building. Short, sharp daggers were grasped in the man's hand and he was determined to catch his victim. Further ahead, the victim came to a dead end; he looked around with great worry, anxious for an escape path. Seeing his victim struggling at the dead end, the hooded figure peered up and spied something to his advantage. A brief passageway on the ceiling. He leapt up just in time, as his victim had turned to see if his chaser was near. Creeping along silently, he saw the man cowering with terror, and then he decided to jump down.
"Finally I have you," he whispered to his victim. "After all this time, I finally have you."
"P-P-Please," stammered the other man. He was short and obese, with a strong French accent.
"Please, spare me. I had nothing to do with this. I knew nothing."
"But you still betrayed me. You were my acqaintance. My helper. I confided in you all my details and my secrets, and you passed it on to my enemies?" the killer snarled, his knuckles whitening, hardening his grasp on the daggers. "The Baron nearly sent an army after me, thanks to you, and you will suffer for that! You know what happens to people who betray me."
And the Frenchman certainly did. Many men had fallen at this killer's hands because of betrayal and other things. The killer moved in for the final strike.
"No, no, no, please no, spare me, please!" begged the man, sobbing heavily at the killer's feet.
"You know I don't forgive." The assassin pulled his hood back, revealing his face. Jet black hair flattened back on his head. His emerald green eyes stood out the most of his distinct features. The killer knelt down to his victim, his dagger out. The Frenchman made one last fruitless attempt to escape through a window he had suddenly spotted, but the assassin swiftly plunged the dagger into the man's back.
Gasping, the man's final breath died away and his eyes gradually closed.
Hauling him up, the killer took one last look at the dead corpse and pushed him out of the window.
"Whoever betrays the Master Assassin will die at my hand," the killer declared, before climbing out of the window and into the dark streets below.


Zak said...

My writing is fantastic!

farzana said...

farzana said
This writing is good

Kayinat said...

This story is fantastic..

kayinat said...

I like the way you described the setting.

Fiazah said...

OMG Zak you are going to become a great author

Anis said...

Well done Zak bacause number1 i cant right, that long, number 2 great use of wow words, adjectives. Zak wants to be an aurthor he is going to become one i now he is 110% keep it up Zak, and if your gonna keep on righting loke that till your sats, you are going to get an level 5 or even the highest level there is you will get it. Just belive in your self!

Kayinat said...

Well Anis...I hope what you are saying comes true!

Janny (Year7) said...


Shazmeen said...

ZAKARIYA you are sucha talented writer and i really hope you will succeed in being a real author.LOL