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Class 6POB

Class 6POB
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Monday, 20 December 2010

Shazmeen's paragraph

High, high up in the sky, the stunning sun reflected onto the turquoise deep ocean. From the edge of the shore, the view of the mysterious Hallelujah Mountains could be seen as they slowly floated above the horizon. A howling wind arrived that forced the twilight sea to create waves, high, huge waves that reached up to the shimmering sky...Suddenly, disturbing the tranquillity of the land, the nasty sky people had arrived.


Anonymous said...

grreat work xx

Fiazah said...

What happen's next Shazmeen! you writting is ASTONISHING!!!!

Shazmeen said...

thank you

Alina said...

OMG it is so so great

Shazmeen said...

Thanks alina

Sabrina Shazmeen's cousin said...

Great work!

Shazmeen's brother Sahil said...

Excellent work Shazmeen

Fiazah said...

I realy love your scentence openers,Honestly! it's a marvellous piece of work....

Adan said...

Nice work shazmeen.Keep it up...

shazaib said...

That is a awsome pragraphh shazmeen. I want to write the way yuo write.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you write. How you dscribe each word in delicate details and how you take it through yuor haert is just amazing...

Kin said...

I went on the blog to catch
up and I read this through
and through, taking in all
The details( and there was a
lot!). This is an astounding
Piece of detailed work( sorry
If I sound like a teacher,
Should it be my future career
) and you
should be proud of it.

I have been told that
Mr O'Brien will be, sadly,
Leaving to China and I hope him the
Very best of luck and new adventures
! And I that all of the Year 6 pupils
Have a lovely and succesful time at
Seconary school!

Love Kin